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'PHYSICS' by Jayl - From the DVD - 'The Dance of Life'

The Source of Life LabelJayl - 'The Dance of Life' DVD on You TubeGrace Graznak - The Source of Life

It is now almost 10 years since Jayl's own brand of water THE SOURCE OF LIFE was first produced and 10 years since the famous Gloucester floods that first inspired this project. The water has been available for students of the Harmony School and for sale at Jayl's concerts and hundreds of pounds have been raised towards helping drought-ridden areas of Africa.Many thanks to all who have contributed.

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In the Summer of 2007, during the making of "The Dance of Life", Gloucestershire suffered the worst floods in living memory and Jayl and the Harmony School found themselves without running water 10 days. Moreover, Jayl's Underground Studio was under threat. Finally the taps came back on August 1st, but in truth, life would never be quite the same again and Jayl felt blessed that he would never again take water for granted.

The Floods in Gloucester 2007 - Outside Jayl's Underground StudioJayl - "The Dance of Life"Gloucester Cathedral in the Floods of 07  - Courtesy of the BBC ©  All Rights Reserved

Jayl held a concert on August 1st in 2008 @ the Subscription Rooms in Stroud, where he decided to give out out free water to commemorate exactly one year since the Gloucester Floods and foster a new appreciation of the true value of precious H2O. A team of actresses (water naiads) was assembled to distribute the water at the show. The girls swirled into the crowd and gave out free bottles of 'The Source of Life', whilst Jayl performed his song "Physics" from the 'Dance of Life' project; the video of which is shown above.

"The Dance of Life" Live - Summer 2008Jayl and Jimmie Bone on stage @ the Sub Rooms - Stroud - by Abby Lovejoy ©

The devastating freak floods occurred in July 2007, after incredibly persistant heavy rains throughout June and July, culminating in the River Severn bursting its banks in a dramatic way. After the huge initial torrents, the water pumping station was engulfed and then with the rising waters thretening to flood the electric sub station, there was a danger that the whole of the city would have to be evacuated. The emergency services worked tirelessly day and night to keep the waters at bay and finally, with only inches to spare; the waters peaked and then slowly began receding. Nevertheless, it was over a week before the taps came back on. In retrospect, it is almost unbelievable that such a thing could happen in July! Showering in the rain, bowsers at the end of street and cueing up for drinking water at Asda. Such a life-changing, sobering event really focusses the mind.

Flooded Gloucester - Summer 2007Jayl's Outside Shower - Summer 2007River Severn bursts its banks - Summer 2007

After then researching into water facts and the world's water supplies, Jayl was horrified to discover that there are actually one billion people on this planet without access to clean water. YES - 1,000 million people!!! - many of them children. And on the Planet of Water too! A shameful disgrace for the global community. More facts about this situation can be seen in the 'Physics' video.

So with the help of his student and colleague Sylvia Welding, Jayl created his own brand of water and called it 'The Source of Life'. The water was acquired from Celtic Vale, who manage an Artesian spring 800 feet above sea level in the Black Mountains, on the English/Welsh border. The water is extremely pure, rich in mineral content and therefore very nutritious and refreshing. The label Jayl chose for the water was from the Terry Anthony painting "Delivered" - produced for Jayl's song from 'he Dance of Life' album. Jayl then begun selling the water to the students of his Harmony School, whilst making a donation for every bottle sold to Wilmslow Wells for Africa, a pro-active charity raising money to build wells in Africa, providing clean and sustainable water supplies in these drought ridden areas of the globe. Money from sales has also been donated to the global organisation Charity:Water. The label Jayl chose for the water was from the Terry Anthony painting "Delivered" - produced for Jayl's 'Dance of Life' album.

"Delivered" by Terry AnthonyCharity:WaterWilmslow Wells for AfricaCeltic Vale Water

The team of water naiads that have promoted the water are Grace Isolde (formerly Grace Graznak) - a brilliant young actress from the USA; she also designed the costumes. Roanna Dee (aka Roanna Dunsford) - Harmony School student and a model, actress and dancer of real class. Amber-Rose May - a highly talented and versatile young dancer, actress and model from Gloucestershire. Now 5 years on, Jayl has worked with all 3 girls on some amazing projects and continues to do so. He worked with Grace in London on his video 'Ghosts of the Underground' and whilst there she introduced him to the ancient practice of mudlarking; which is collecting historical artefacts from the banks of the River Thames. This inspired Jayl to write his amazing narrative 'Princess of the Source'. Grace is now doing really well as an actress in London and has recently been in the hit show 'Holby City'. Jayl has worked with Roanna on various photo sessions and projects and they have become the best of friends. She is now the star of the latest videos for his new group - 'The Band of Life' and the new single 'Somewhere' - which was filmed in various locations throughout Southern England. Roanna helped to direct the video as well as star in it and she is now forging out a successful career as a model, dancer, actress and International Role Model. She was a major performer in last year's amazing Olympic Ceremony. Jayl has also remained great friends with Amber-Rose May and recently wrote a poem in tribute to her called 'Ballad of Amber-Rose'. She is doing exceptionally well and having founded the London-based theatre group 'Floods of Ink' - she continues to go from strength to strength. Jayl was completely 'blown away' when Roanna and Amber-Rose composed a poem for his birthday in 2012 called 'Jayl De Lara' and read it aloud at a concert Jayl was performing in Gloucestershire. Their is much respect and mutual admiration between Jayl and these brilliant young artists (check out the poetry below). Meanwhile, Jayl and Roanna are working together again on a new video for the next single by The Band of Life.

Princess of the Source by Jayl De Lara
Butterfly Blue (4 Roanna) by Jayl De Lara
The Ballad of Amber-Rose
'Jayl De Lara' by Roanna Dee & Amber-Rose May
Princess of the Source
Butterfly Blue
Ballad of Amber-Rose
Jayl De Lara

In conclusion, it can truly be said that Jayl's associations with these 3 super talented and beautiful 'water naiads' has been a triumph. 'The Source of Life' sprung forth (literally) from a disaster and has led not only to these great working friendships and the creations born from them; but also a wonderful product that continues to refresh singers in the Harmony School; whilst raising money for desperately needed sanitation, irrigation and well-building projects in deprived areas of Africa. And so ... for the next phase ...

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